Independent Information Assurance

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Independent Information Assurance

Puddico has been established since 2005 and has become a leading independent Information Assurance specialist.

We mitigate the risk of serious financial loss caused by computer fraud, data losses and regulatory breaches by developing, documenting and deploying a comprehensive Information Assurance policy.

This gives you and your clients a business advantage, and offers you piece of mind to engage with new markets.

The consequences of such breaches, which are on the rise, are severe enough in their own right and a subsequent inability to demonstrate due diligence in this area will magnify those substantially.  The effect of a breach can have disastrous effects on any business, incurring costs and damaging reputation.  In 2012 the Information Commissioner issued fines in the UK averaging over £250,000 per month, with total value of fines increasing four fold when compared with 2011.  In 2013 the percentage of fines levied against the private sector has been 57% of the number issued.  This tells us the the ICO is becoming more aggressive and is not hesitating to fine private sector businesses.

Reduce this risk now by engaging Puddico to take you through the entire Information Assurance process from the initial risk assessment, policy documentation through to implementation and on-going support.