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Our People

Profiles of some of our key personnel are outlined below,

Ed P. – Founder & Lead Consultant

Ed is an experienced risk consultant who has worked with a wide variety of businesses to optimise their Information Systems.  His experience spans Commercial, Education, Financial, Military and Government clients, having worked in senior management and engaged with the board of a wide range of organisations.  Ed’s background is in complex IT systems and he has worked in a variety of high value environments, including a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the British Army.  Ed now leads Puddico in delivering tailored and cost effective solutions to its clients, ensuring quality and integrity is maintained at all times.

Paul E. – Senior Consultant

Paul is a highly experienced, motivated and dedicated Information Security Professional who spent over 24 years in the British Army, serving in the Royal Corp of Signals and providing Communications Information Systems (CIS) to many Military units all over the world. Paul has a networking background working with Microsoft systems, databases, Cisco products and many cryptographic technologies hardware and software.  He is experienced planning, managing and directing the employment of mission critical technologies and providing new and bespoke solutions to businesses from all industries.  He has practical experience of implementing secure systems that are compliant with a variety of British Government Security Policy Frameworks; including Military and Government Information Assurance Standards.

Andrew H. – Business Development

Andrew’s career has provided him with extensive experience in the UK and International Defence & Intelligence Business environment and Technical Account/Programme Direction covering the EMEA, US and CIS regions.  Having initially been successful in leading and delivering enterprise communications and ICT based solutions, he is proficient in identifying customer needs and crafting appropriate and architecturally viable value propositions and this has been used in serving the Government, Military and Intelligence community.  Andrew has Masters Degree in Business Administration from Henley Management College and BSc (Hons) Physics,  AKC, from King’s College London.

Paul S. – Associate Consultant

Paul has excellent stakeholder engagement capabilities for the efficient delivery of enterprise solutions. He has served in the British Army since 1986 and has been involved in numerous global Information Systems while on active service. He has worked on civilian projects that involved South African oil and mining infrastructure, Kuwaiti oil infrastructure, personnel protection for 130,000 staff in India, and a Middle Eastern Government Security Organisation. He often has responsibility for reporting progress and ensuring deadlines are adhered to, together with ensuring all documentation is provided to all stakeholders. Paul has studied Information Management, Quality and Risk Management at Cranfield University.