Independent Information Assurance

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Spot Check

The essential first step to developing and adopting a robust Information Assurance policy that satisfies your Stakeholders, Partners and Clients is to identify the main risks to your business.

Our one day On-Site Spot Check will quickly establish the high level risks in the areas of:

  • Logical Systems
  • Physical Systems
  • Business Processes
  • Personnel

A headline report is submitted to you in 2 parts:

  1. An outline of potential impact of those threats in the context of;
    – Operational and commercial losses to the business
    – Current regulatory frameworks
  2. Recommendations;
    – Risks presented in terms of severity to allow for prioritisation
    – Resolution options for each to provide a staged solution

You are now in possession of a clear roadmap to a robust Information Assurance policy with timescales and budget. Contact us now to book your Spot Check or for more details.